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Mission is central to who we are as a church; it’s how we reach out and make a difference in the world, our small part in bringing about the Reign of God on earth.

Our Mission & Peacemaking Committee provides financial support to more than 24 nonprofits, including Treehouse, which helps foster children, Hopelink, which focuses on caring for the needy on the Eastside, Bridge Ministries, helping the disabled, and YMCA Japan Mission, which helps those whose lives were disrupted by the tsunami. As a church, we give away close to 10 percent of our operating budget to causes our members personally believe in and support.

We also facilitate in the collection of food, warm clothing and other needed supplies, provide information and education about individuals and groups in need, lend ‘hands-on’ support whenever possible, and support Newport’s members in mission activities, which include thousands of hours of time each year dedicated to mission work locally and throughout the world, including Haiti and the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast.

Separately, Newport’s Presbyterian Women donate cash, volunteer their time, collect warm clothing, serve food to homeless women, and and knit shawls for people going through rough times.




See other pages with this Mission menu for some details about the organizations that Newport supports.  We strive to contribute as much as possible to local and national missions.

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