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Advocacy Petition, 2/17/13 – Wage Theft

The February advocacy petition will focus on HB 1440, called the “Wage Theft Bill.” According to the Faith Action Network, this piece of legislation will reduce the number of vulnerable victims of wage theft and the ‘underground economy.” 

The bill:
-Increases the penalties and the consequences of breaking the law;

-Bolsters enforcement so efforts match the scale of the problem;

-Ensures that victims who stand up for justice recover court costs and attorney fees;

-Protects workers from unfair charges, fees, fines and paycheck deductions by clearly defining and requiring proof of who is “staff” and who are “independent contractors;”

-Holds employers, who break the law, liable in a civil action for the amount of wages they unlawfully withheld;

-Shields workers from any employer who retaliates against them for speaking out against wage theft.

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