About Newport

Our Identity
Newport Presbyterian Church is an inclusive Christian community seeking new, uncharted ways of faithfulness and service while continuing to embrace our rich traditions. It is Christ whose life and ministry form and guide us as we seek to live the good news, proclaiming God’s grace and extending God’s radical hospitality to all.

Our Mission
(or How We Act Out Our Identity)
Since 1960, we have chosen to be a progressive witness within a theologically diverse community. Worship is pivotal in the life of our congregation. Preaching from the Bible that is both prophetic and pastoral; use of the lectionary; a vital and varied music ministry; and an emphasis on liturgy, the sacraments, and reformed theology characterize our services of worship. Strong lay leadership, partnerships in mission, and spiritual and theological growth are hallmarks here. So, too, are our long-standing commitments to nurture all of our congregation (children and youth, singles, families, couples, and seniors), to care for and support each other, and to build a church that reflects the generosity, justice, and grace of God.
At the deep heart of our life together is a sense of joy in both our commonality and our diversity. We journey through the liturgical year with creativity and careful attention to each of its seasons. We throw parties for anniversaries and hellos and good-byes. We paint houses, feed and support the homeless, and delight in watching our young people go out to minister to others in Christ’s name. We gather in small groups to pray and give support, to work and study, to hike and bike. And we feast (but not often enough) in large groups of all ages, binding ourselves in love across our many differences. All of this we do, and much more, so that we may, as Madeleine L’Engle says, make ready “for the ultimate party, where all God’s children will gather together to make merry.”

Our Vision
(or What We Want to Become)
As we are grateful to be included in this faith family, we dream of finding new and innovative ways to welcome all who desire to follow Christ with us, people of all ages, races, ethnic origins, religious heritage, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities. As a congregation who values longtime members still deeply involved in its life, we delight as well in our increasing appeal to young families. Our hope is to strengthen even further children’s and youth ministries, inter-generational fellowship activities, our music program and our knowledge of the Scripture. Encouraging, supporting and engaging both our new members and those members who have not been active in the life of the church will be a priority for us, as will a heightened emphasis on the significance of stewardship of our time, our talents, and, yes, our money! Through the years we have been blessed in the quality, the openness and the vision of our pastors. May we continue, pastors and congregants alike, to be guided by the Spirit, awakened anew to the truth that God is the God of all people and creation, and be ever open to the mystery of our faith.

Adopted by Session December 10, 2002
Updated August 11, 2009

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